We're constantly hearing that kids today have no manners or respect, but an image of a group of Franklinton, Louisiana teens stopping their basketball game to honor the departed speaks volumes.

The photo was posted to Facebook Saturday, April 21 by Lynn Bienvenu.

Lynn and her sister, Johanna Stroud, of Denham Springs, LA were were in Franklinton attending the funeral of their cousin, Velma Kay Crowe, when the procession passed Franklinton Junior High School. It was there that Lynn and Johanna noticed a group of kids who'd stopped their basketball game and taken a knee.

"They took a knee not out of disrespect, but out of honor," Lynn told us via email correspondence. "There was not an adult in sight to tell them to stop playing."

Lynn says the young men have reached out to her to express their condolences, and she wants to make sure the entire world knows their names.

Kudos to you, Shimar Davis, Shimon Davis, Edward James, Brandon Burton, Quindon Burris, Stacy Ard, James Bickham, Avant Money, Malachi Martin, Deandre White, and Kalarrian Dillon!

Lynn tells us that funeral processions often pass the school, and teachers and coaches have taught students this gesture of respect which they've shown to others in the past.

For them to remember and practice it when adults aren't around is a sign that today's youth are anything but a lost cause, and that it's absolutely never a waste of time to instill in them virtuous and respectful behavior.


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