A Temple man was in the Bell County Jail Tuesday after reportedly kidnapping a child at gunpoint.


A Temple police officer was dispatched to the 1500 block of East Barton Avenue Monday afternoon after a caller reported that several shots had been fired and two trucks had left the scene.

The father of the abducted child told police that he was conducting a custody exchange at the house when his brother's girlfriend's brother, 18-year-old Brayan Hernandez, came to the home, pointed a gun, and demanded to be given the child.

The father told police he was in the back seat of his mother's truck buckling the child into a car seat when the disturbance began. He said he was trying to unbuckle the child and exit the truck when another, unidentified man pushed the door of the truck closed.

The father said his mother then exited the house and took the car seat with the child inside. Hernandez reportedly pointed a gun at the woman and grabbed the baby, causing the woman to fall and drop the child.

Hernandez then reportedly grabbed the child and fled the scene in a pickup truck.

Police stopped the truck and arrested Hernandez, who faces unspecified third degree felony charges. Police say a gun reported stolen in Killeen was found in Hernandez's vehicle.

Police did not comment on the condition of the child.

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