According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, flu activity is the highest it's been in the last ten years.

When I saw the headline "Highest in Decade", I thought maybe the TDSHS was just pulling our leg in the start of the new year and decade, but the stats they share are no joke. They give a few tips to help prevent the flu with some emojis to make em fun.

Get a flu shot
Wash hands frequently
Stay home if sick
Cover coughs & sneezes
Sanitize surfaces often
Share these flu-fighting steps!

You heard them, you better share, because sharing is caring, but don't share the flu!

My favorite comment is from Carissa: "Ppl not getting their flu shots is my guess. Maybe oils and crystals will work ".

Be safe out there folks, here's a tip from your ol' pal Haven Medrano - eat your veggies.

For tips from the TDSHS , visit





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