It's time to feel good on a Friday with a story that will put some Texas-sized joy in your heart.

This touching story about true friendship comes to us from KXII-TV's Meredith McCown.

Last week, the students of S&S High School in Sadler, Texas elected their homecoming queen - a miss Trinity Arrington.

Trinity immediately abdicated her throne.

You see, Trinity had hoped to see her friend, Emily Petty, win the election. Trinity met Emily, who has Down syndrome, a year ago while spending her lunch period in Emily's special needs classroom.

The two formed a lasting friendship, and when they were both nominated for Homecoming Queen, Trinity insisted her supporters vote for Emily because "she's always wanted to be a princess".

Trinity says she was shocked to have won, and decided she had to give Emily the crown.

"We got to be it together," Trinity told KXII. "I think that was the best part for me. She's always been my queen, she deserved it. It made her happy."

Emily was thrilled the share the moment with her friend and blow kisses to everyone in the stands.

So not only did S&S High get to have two homecoming queens this year, but they both displayed all the best qualities of the office: grace and kindness.

I hear so many people my age or older complaining about the kids these days. It's a complaint as old as time. Then I see stories like these and remember why I'll never be one of those people. The kids are alright.

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