This year you might want to leave the Turkey alone on Thanksgiving and go find yourself a feral hog.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department first declared war on feral hogs back in 1982. Since then the hogs have been winning a lot. There is an estimated 10 times more hogs in the state since 1982.

And it's not like Texans are not trying to do something about it. The regulations on hog

pigs must have been watching how rabbits do it,

hunting are as favorable as they can be. You can hunt for hogs year-round. You can bait them, trap them, kill them at night, even shoot them from aircraft. They estimate that 750,000 hogs a year are killed in Texas, and it's still not enough.

They say that the hog population is growing by 20 percent each year. We kill 30% of the population each year, but experts are saying we need to be killing 70% to just maintain the population. Yep, 7 out of every 10 feral hogs in Texas must be killed just to maintain the numbers we have now.

You would think that with all the BBQ joints in the state that this wouldn't be an issue, but the pigs must have been watching how rabbits do it, and are copying them. So this holiday season, do Texas a favor and go shoot a feral hog, or seven.