A woman who's seen a great deal of history is voting in an election that could make it.

Mary Cook is a 107-year-old woman from Columbus, Ohio who voted Tuesday in her 21st presidential election. Cook, who was born in 1909 before women had the right to vote, has cast a ballot in every election since 1932.

Cook's turnout Tuesday was a family affair, too. Five generations of her family were on hand, including her great-great-granddaughter Justice, who is a century younger than her.

Cook's daughter, Ann Willis, certainly understands the significance of her mother continuing to exercise her right as a citizen. "We fought for the right to vote, but at this point it's not just a right, it's your responsibility," Willis said. "We have to represent and we have to keep going forward."

Cook voting highlights the majesty of letting your vote be heard and presents a heartwarming bookend to the woman who made sure to vote before going to the hospital to give birth.

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