The 2018 Texas Special Olympic Winter Games took place in Austin, Texas with over 2500 athletes in attendance.

Special Olympics is an amazing experience for so many. My little brother grew up as a special Olympic athlete and he still participates in annual events back in the midwest even in his 30's. I've met some of the most amazing people when I would go watch him compete. If you ever have a chance to volunteer with an organization that participates in special Olympics you'll find it an incredibly rewarding experience.

The Austin games included bowling, volleyball, and powerlifting. The Tri-county Tornadoes from Killeen made the trip to the capital city to take part in the games as well.

One of my favorite memories of attending Special Olympic events and rooting for my little bro was at the end of the competition, there truly isn't a winning team or a losing team. The athletes all treat each other as winners. The victory is all of theirs to share together.

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