Let me start off by stating this  emphatically: we here in America are still the good guys, and there is enough evidence coming out of Russia of these days that they are still the bad guys over 20 years after the fall of communism. And I will broach no discussion  otherwise!

The idea that the Russian consulate would have the 'cajones' to ask to be allowed into voting locations in Texas so they can act like a United Nations – styled election fraud watchdog observer is absurd on its face and insulting to our vastly superior American intelligence!

Oh no they didn't? Oh yes they did!  According to sources, the Russian consul in Houston requested to observe American elections in three states, namely Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. I'll pause right now so you can continue laughing.

As you might expect, the Texas Secretary of State's office has denied the request. I suspect the other two states will do the same, especially since there are laws in place defining who can and who cannot be a poll watcher on Election Day.

In case you forgot, the Russians are suspected to be behind a massive hack into our nations computer system in an attempt to influence the outcome of the election.  That's why we must say nyet, comrade.