Should Blue Bell start putting plastic seals around or under their product lids? A lot of people are asking that question now that video has gone viral of a girl opening a gallon tub of the company's ice cream, licking it, then putting it back in a store freezer. There's some R-rated content in the comments section of this Twitter video of the incident, so click through at your own risk.

Blue Bell recently issued a statement about the incident, saying they're aware of the video and are working with police, retail partners, and social media outlets to find the person responsible.

In the statement, shared by WREG-TV, Blue Bell reps said their production process involves flipping their cartons so that the product freezes to the lid, creating a seal. They said evidence of tampering would be noticeable.

I don't know about that, to be honest. I've opened Blue Bell to get a scoop or two and closed it, only to see it look fresh and new (despite the craters from the scoop, obviously) the next time I dove in.

Personally, I'd be fine with some sort of seal around or under the lid, especially if smug kids are going to be licking the ice cream like a tourist licking a toad in the rain forest.

What do you think? Should Blue Bell start sealing their products, or is the natural frozen seal good enough for you? Vote in the poll below and let us know.

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