The piss puddle of politics gets bigger in Central Texas.

Via Alex Cano/KWTX
Via Alex Cano/KWTX

KWTX is reporting the impact of the Government shutdown is being felt in Central Texas as the U.S. Department of Agriculture offices in Temple were closed Friday.

The sign in the door said..."This U.S. Department of Agriculture office is currently closed, due to the lapse in federal government funding."

The cat and mouse game the politicians are playing started on December 22nd. It's idled hundreds of thousand of federal workers while hundreds of thousands are still working, but without pay.

The Associated Press reported Friday that the shutdown could complicate farmers seeking federal payments from the $12 billion set aside on aid for those hit by tariffs. Last week farmers were assured that direct payments would continue during the first week of the shutdown, but those payments will be suspended for farmers who haven't certified production and farm based loans and disaster assistance would also be on hold.

Real people will continue to suffer as fake millionaire and billionaire fight for a wall, or a guarantee of non-prosecution for collusion/treason, or even simple bragging rights. The simple fact is this, to quote the Joker..."This town needs an enima."

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