KWTX's Ke'Sha Lopez reported that firefighters were hard at work Monday afternoon after a two vehicle crash that happened in Waco.

The crash that occurred left one vehicle on its side, and the other vehicle was partially on top of the second vehicle.

The crash that occurred involved a SUV and a pickup truck. The accident was reported around 1:45 p.m.on Monday at the intersection of 25th Street and Austin Avenue in Waco.

While the firefighters were hard at work, the interesection was blocked while they were working to free two people stuck in the partially overturned vehicle. The overturned vehicle was a Lexus SUV.

The pickup was heading in the northbound direction of 25th Street when the accident occurred. The Lexus SUV was heading west on Austin Avenue when the crash happened.

There was no further information regarding this accident currently.

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