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After Johnny Bobbitt Jr used the last of his money to help Kate McClure buy gas in a dangerous neighborhood, she set out to help him get back on his feet.

She started a GoFundMe page with a relatively modest goal of $10,000. As of Thanksgiving Day, it had raised almost $229,000.

McClure said she's was traveling along I-95 in Philadelphia when she ran out of gas. Bobbitt saw her pull over and told her it was too dangerous for her to walk alone to a gas station in that area. He told her to sit tight and lock her doors, then spent his last $20 to get her fuel and send her on her way.

To repay his kindness, McClure started stopping by to give Bobbitt money, clothes, and food. She decided to start a GoFundMe in hopes of helping him find a place to live and a reliable vehicle.

Once word got around about McClure's efforts, donations poured in and the GoFundMe skyrocketed.

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