This is Leela. Leela loves fetch, and for the past two months she's slowly been teaching herself to catch toys in mid-air.

Amazon has released video of their newest toy - the Prime Air Drone. The tiny aircraft takes off vertically like a helicopter and is aerodynamic like an airplane. A lot of work went into making it intuitive and artificially intelligent so it can detect static and moving objects that might interfere with its mission to deliver your 5-pound package in under 30 minutes. It even scans your house for safe places to land.

The thing is, there are no safe places to land when Leela's in the yard. She's sweet-natured, but can't resist chasing down and destroying toys that fly into the yard. If one of these drones tries to land in my backyard, it's going to be crushed to death in the jaws of a playful puppy.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Still, it's pretty cool to see delivery drone technology evolving. Eventually there may be larger delivery ranges and the ability for these little guys to deliver bigger packages. But until they learn to launch distraction treats or text me when they're coming so I can be sure Leela's not outside, I won't be opting for drone delivery.

Take a look at the device in action. It's pretty cool.

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