KWTX reported that many people probably woke up to a surprise that didn't have them in the best of moods to get the weekend going.

Waco authorities reported that over the past weekend, 35 cases of car windshields being shot out by BB guns were reported in the North Waco area.

A Facebook post from the Waco Police Department reported that the vandalism of the vehicles started late Friday night, and on into early Saturday morning.

Waco authorities do not have a suspect in custody, but they are hard at work to get justice for the residents of Waco.

Authorities believe the acts of vandalism were random, and the majority of windshields broken were in the area of Waco Drive to Cumberland. Also the area from 25th Street to 15th Street were it pretty hard as well.

Waco Police Department are urging anyone with information on the vandalism to contact them.



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