A natural swimming spot is opening to the public right on time for summer in the great state of Texas.

Some of our favorite local swimming holes were closed over the Memorial Day weekend due to flooding from the recent heavy rainfalls. However, KWTX's Ke'Sha Lopez reports that  Tonkawa Falls in Crawford opened to the public on Memorial Day.

Tonkawa Falls usually ends up being closed due to low waters, but when authorities posted a message on their Facebook page about the park being opened, everyone began flocking there.

Amber Ford was one of the many who dove in on Memorial Day. "We usually go to Lake Waco," she said, "but since all that flooding in Waco, it's up to where all the benches and tables are at, so this is the only place really open."

Kiddos and teens were seen jumping from the cliffs or walking along the water fall, and families were out having picnics. It was about as summer as you can get.

Crawford authorities did also remind the public that alcohol consumption is not allowed, and public nudity is not allowed either. If you head out, remember that it's a family place. Be courteous, be safe, and have fun!

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