I've heard nothing but amazing things about Hopdoddy Burger Bar in Round Rock. When I was back home in July, I went to The Company Burger in New Orleans, which Thrillist and others named among the best burgers in the nation.  A friend had mentioned the place reminded him of Hopdoddy in Austin. Having now been to both, I'm hip.  I can totally see a whole lot of restaurants trying to replicate the good thing going on here.

Founded in Austin in 2010 but expanding all over the place, Hopdoddy is a hip place. First off, the Round Rock location has cucumber and lemon water complementary when you walk up to the front door. On the inside the decor is modern and stylish. I sat at the bar, though standing pub-style tables were also an option.  Perhaps sitting at the bar influenced my first choice of drink as I got a frozen "fishbowl" full of beer.

The menu was full of chef-inspired burgers - unusual ingredients and unique creations. At new burger places I tend to try the closest thing to the classic burger as I can.  I figure if they can't get the basics done, all the froufrou in the world is it going to improve a bad Burger. Although I was tempted to try the Boss Hogg burger,  with beef bacon and pulled pork underneath coleslaw and an egg (!),  I did not go with the classic burger as I am usually want to do. Instead, I selected this:

$1 is donated to LONE STAR PARALYSIS. Angus Beef, Tillamook Cheddar, Caramelized Onions, Jalapeños, Hickory BBQ, Sassy Sauce, Red Leaf Lettuce, Beefsteak Tomato

Yes, please.  I'm always up for a good cause  and there are a few things that deserve eradication more than paralysis. Besides the price was right.  And the result was as delicious as I imagined.

For the record, I knew about the ghost pepper burger. You have to sign a waiver to order it. I've never been into heat for the sake of heat alone.  If you're feeling up to it go right ahead, although you could just watch this video and get enjoyment over the pain of others.

My server/bartender or was a very knowledgeable young lady. She explained that all the ingredients were not only natural, but as local as possible.  One could glance across the room and see the bun boy baking his wares.  She answered all my questions politely and enthusiastically. She was honest about what she liked and  shared samples, including the shake mix and the margarita mix. I've really gotten a buzz from going to a burger restaurant, but Hopdoddy did it After my meal, I was handed a tablet and asked to take a survey about the experience; when I was asked if my service was both attentive and sincere, I gave a perfect 10.

2600 Hoppe Trail
Round Rock, TX 78681
Open Daily 11am–10pm
(512) 310-2337