There have been multiple reports of a chimpanzee on the loose in south Texas. But despite what seems to be quite an investigation authorities have yet to spot the ape.

Police, local animal services and even a team of primate experts have been called to search Sante Fe, Texas according to Newsweek.  Residents reported sightings of the animal in the streets both Monday and Tuesday.

Rumors quickly spread about the chimp attacking people and pets on social media. The police department quickly shut those rumors down.

Drones have been deployed in an unsuccessful search. Local exotic animal owners were questioned with no pets found to be missing.

With so many reports it would seem likely there is a primate on the loose, but who knows. This could be the hoax of the century.

Is this the rise of the planet of the apes? Since this is Texas instead of the Statue of Liberty, someone will find Big Tex's head popping out of the beach.


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