Growing up in south Louisiana, I thought I’d seen every critter known to man. Moving to Texas in 2005 showed me I was wrong. Big time.

“Everything is Bigger in Texas” is absolutely true. It is true in regard to size and it is true in regard to attitude. All the way down to the ever-elusive Black Widow Spider. This crazy lady has her name because as soon as she is done with her man, she eats him. “Sorry, bro. It was fun, but now I need a snack”.

Evidently, one particular spider lady in Navarro County, Texas wasn’t satisfied with her former man, so she went after the next best thing.

A snake. Donna Wright Marrs took a picture of the massive meal attempt while visiting her daughter in southwest Navarro County, Texas (which happens to be where I live…yay). The spider’s web with the ensnared snake was under a chair on the patio. I don’t know which is freakier - snake on the back patio, or a spider with a bite 15 times more potent than a rattlesnake hanging out on the porch.

When all was said and done, the spider was smashed and the snake was tossed. Don’t mess with Texas, ya’ll.

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