Our neighbors at Fort Hood are rehearsing local, state and federal emergency response procedures today and tomorrow, and that could mean traffic delays, smoke, and strange sounds.

Officials say the smoke and noise shouldn't be cause for alarm.

"Several agencies including on-post and neighboring community police, fire, and medical personnel will respond to several emergencies throughout the two-day exercise," officials said.

"The exercise consists of several incident locations. Specific locations are not disclosed in an effort to maintain realistic responses. During the exercise, traffic control measures will be implemented in the vicinity of the incident locations which may result in short delays. Routine traffic on the installation is expected to experience minimal, if any, impact."

If you're near an emergency warning system, you may here commands such as "shelter in place", but these should be followed by repeated use of the word "exercise".

The bulk of the activity was expected to take place between 7 AM and 4:30 PM Tuesday, May 7. Exercises should conclude Wednesday afternoon, May 8.

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