What Happened?

It all culminates in Philadelphia where the tantrum throwing Ben Simmons refused to play under the guise of mental health issues. That's no longer a problem for the 76ers because they’ve sent that headache to Brooklyn ahead of the trade deadline.

In return they have received part 1 of this reunion with James Harden being traded to Philly to link up with MVP frontrunner Joel Embiid. Brooklyn also received several first rounders, including Seth Curry and Andre Drummond, while philly also received Paul Millsap in the transaction

Brooklyn Nets v Philadelphia 76ers
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Texas Sized Reunion

James Harden is a Houston legend doing pretty much everything outside of winning a championship with the Rockets.


The 2018 MVP had the most significant and successful stretch in the the franchises history. During that time the man steering the ship was GM Daryl Morey and the duo found a lot of success during their time together in Houston. Should be a good trial for the 2 with Harden picking up his $47.3 million player option for the upcoming season.

Houston Rockets Introduce Jeremy Lin
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Is Harden the Answer?

The problem Philadelphia has seen in recent years is their inability to score when they need it in the playoffs. A major issue was Simmons.


Now they have someone with the clear ability to make scoring opportunities on the perimeter instead of leaning so heavily on Embiid for production. So to answer the question: Yes, Harden is exactly what Philadelphia has been missing.

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Championship or bust

The only goal for everyone involved here is an NBA title. Period.

Harden and Morey had success, but never got to lift that trophy. With 9 playoff trips and 2 conference title appearances alongside Embiid who has carried the Sixers for years now, there is plenty of postseason experience to make a push.

Philadelphia 76ers v Houston Rockets
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Houston Hopes

The Texas legends need to make something happen now because it may be their last shot to do so.

Harden is coming into his mid thirties and realistically leaning more on the backside of his career than its prime. Morey’s tenure will almost certainly lean on the success of Harden in his twilight years and how long the massive Joel Embiid can put his body through these competitions at an MVP level. If they can squeeze some of the success they found in Houston, it might be the right recipe for a ring.

Brooklyn Nets v Phoenix Suns
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Final Countdown

Harden is coming into his twilight years and I know it sounds crazy at 34, but freakish athleticism at a freakishly high level of competition causes freakish damage.

So keep that in mind when I tell you THIS IS IT. James Harden will sign his last big contract with Philadelphia, where he and Embiid will win at least 1 championship before retirement and the legendary duo of Harden and Morey will walk off into the sunset.

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