O.K. Scary thought. You have people coming over to your house on Memorial Day because you've got a new grill. Now you realize, you don't know how to grill.


Some new friends are coming over and they want food you would never have even considered putting on the grill.

Here are a few tips in case you're a bit rusty.

  • Burgers

    It's whats for dinner

    My Big Q Tip. Keep your raw spatula and hot spatula separate.

  • Steak

    The Other Way to put it in a Heart

    Big Q Tip: Put plenty of garlic on it, and a splash of Holy Water, you know, for the kids.

  • Brisket

    What Are You Kids Smoking in There?

    Big Q Tip: Let someone else do the Brisket.

  • Chicken

    Wash Your Damn Hands

    Big Q Tip: Stop fingering the food. As AC/DC used to sing...Touch to Much

  • Shrimp

    Just Don't

    The same people that get gas station sushi, are the ones grilling this crap on Memorial Day weekend.

  • Bonus

    How To Use Charcoal

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