UPDATE 3:21 PM: TxDOT's Jodi Wheatley said the crash site has been cleared and traffic is slowly beginning to move again. However, she cautioned that normally congested Friday traffic could be worsened by the fact that it's Spring Break and both South by Southwest in Austin and Spring at the Silo are happening in Waco.

Our message to you: Please drive safely, share the road, and be ready for out-of-towners to be driving like morons.

Below is a view of traffic conditions from Church Street in Troy around 3:35 PM. Thank you to William Johnson of Troy for sending us a photo.

Photo Courtesy of William Johnson
Photo Courtesy of William Johnson


UPDATE 2:59 PM: The left northbound lane of I-35 at the scene of a crash near Main Street in Troy has been opened and traffic is trickling through. However, traffic remained backed up as far as 6th Avenue in Belton shortly before 3 PM Friday afternoon. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND seeking an alternative route. 317 west of I-35 is a good choice, though it can become rather congested at this time of day due to construction, so be cautious.

Southbound lanes near Main Street in Troy were also moving slowly.

A source with the Troy Volunteer Fire Department told us via phone that seven cars were involved in the crash that caused the delays. If you can't get around and have to drive through the area, please watch for emergency responders and give them room.


Northbound I-35 traffic was backed up from Troy all the way to South HK Dodgen Loop in Temple Friday afternoon after a multi-car collision in Troy.

TxDOT's Jodi Wheatley was warning drivers to expect at least 15 minutes of delays, but we've heard reports of far longer waits.

We recommend getting off northbound I-35 south of Temple, heading west to the Gatesville exit, and taking 317 to get north of Troy before re-entering the highway.

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