TXDMV.GOV is the place to go! If you have been trying to get ahold of a new sticker for your windshield but find that the DPS office closest to you is closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Earlier this year Gov. Abbott made it possible to renew your sticker and even your driver's license itself online. You can also head to select local grocery stores or a AAA partner in Texas. Over the weekend, Click2Houston.com shared a reminder that the Governor DID NOT provide a waiver on sticker expiration dates. So, head over to the website and renew that registration. You can print the receipt from your purchase online and use that as your proof of registration until the sticker arrives in the mail. The receipt is good for 30 days in the event you are stopped by an officer.

Just a side note about renewing your license online. I had to do this very thing in June and I was amazed and how the process was even easier than going to the DPS office, and due to COVID-19, I actually found there to be less red tape online. I had a license that not only needed to be updated because I moved, but I also needed a STAR ID. I was able to do all of this at once on the website and my license was in my mailbox within about 8 days. Go Texas DPS!

If you have a sticker that is expired or nearing the expiration date, the main thing is not to worry. The main thing you'll want to pay attention to is any announcements from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles saying that they are resuming normal operations in your community. Then you'll know the 60-day countdown has begun because once those offices reopen, that will be all that is left of the grace period.

Most Police Departments in the state are not enforcing expired vehicle registration until DPS offices reopen.

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