Blum, Texas population 399, in-between Waco and Dallas is the home of the 2019 six-man football state champions.

It's been a little over a month since the small town defeated McLean 58-52 at AT&T Stadium to win the six-man, Class 1A Division 1 title. Yet the team doesn't have the bling to prove it.

Our news partners KWTX report that when it came time order state championship rings, it was quickly apparent that the small farming community with few businesses to contribute, the money wasn’t there to pay for them.

To buy rings for the players and coaches, and pendants for the cheerleaders the town would need to raise $15,000 and they were ready to wait months or longer for the money to come.

Thanks to two district employees they won't have to wait that long. After they set up a GoFundMe the school has raised more than enough money from donations by the fine folks of the town.

"When I get that ring and put it on my finger it's going to mean the world. It’s going to be my childhood and remind me of the town I lived in,”

-senior Blain Garza

The power of a small town.



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