I confess, I've written off this day. I expect absolutely nothing on Valentine's Day. As the perpetually single yet jolly guy, I've come to refer to February 14 as "that day for other people." Or if I'm in a particularly foul mood, "Black [Day of The Week.]"

Today, Kelsey, our digital sales goddess, tells me as I walk the halls that she's left something for all of us in the kitchen. Boy did she!

Display by Kelsey Kilter, Photo by Darren Gauthier

An assortment of candy, Purell hand wash for a keychain, chocolate-covered strawberries and - JACKPOT - fresh doughnuts! All placed just so. Way to go Kelsey!

I've never heard this compliment:

Display by Kelsey Kilter, Photo by Darren Gauthier

Cream in my coffee, apple of my eye, yes. But I like sprinkles so I'll take that compliment..and I took a doughnut. I'm glad I brought these...

Photo by Darren Gauthier

These will help me stave off that carb coma which will come from the pastry. I'm WEAK!

By the way, Kelsey rocks. She could be tasked with selling Klondike Bars to Eskimos and she'd sell 'em all and have multiple cases on backorder. And she'd do it with class, style, and integrity. Call her at 254-773-5252 especially if your business needs to sort out its online presence. Anyone who takes care of her coworkers this well will certainly go the extra mile for your business.