A movement called "Carry the Load" is on the last  leg of its 1,700-mile journey.

A group walking for Carry the Load is determined to raise awareness of the true meaning of Memorial Day - and they just crossed the Texas border after walking - yes, walking (and sometimes biking) - all the way from Fenway Park in Boston, MA.

The original group of 15 was accompanied by a 12-bunk motor coach, however it broke down after encountering storms from one state to another. But neighbors and local communities rallied in support as they came across town after town.

Rakeem Alexander, a 23-year-old who jumped at the opportunity to do something that's bigger than himself, recalled a lasting memory of a woman who pulled off the interstate and climbed an embankment to bring him water.

She was crying. She thanked me.

The woman told Alexander that her son just joined the army and that she had a new found appreciation for Carry the Load.

"Got the wind in our face and about 2,000 miles on our backs."

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