Temple, Texas has been known for quite a few things, but you would be surprised to know that it is also home of a man born and raised here with an amazing story who has invented a treatment formula, and now wants to make sure others know about it.

From The Jailhouse To The Penthouse

When you meet Tony Nora, you meet a guy who is very reserved but has a passion to help others. Born and raised in Temple and a Temple High School alum, Nora met with unfortunate circumstances in his youth and served time in prison for 9 years. While incarcerated, Nora was determined to better himself and educated himself on neuroscience, genetics, quantum physics, and more.

Once Told He Would Die Soon

Tony told me he was hospitalized, underwent 40 surgeries, and had to take 20-30 Vicodin pills a day after being diagnosed with coccidioidomycosis (a flesh-eating disease) before he took matters into his own hands.

He says he had to figure out a way to recalibrate his brain, so the knowledge he obtained while incarcerated, while he extensively studied neuroscience, quantum physics, and genetics made him able to cure himself of the deadly disease.


Has The Government Reached Out To Him?

The answer is yes!

Nora says he has been contacted by officials at the White House to assist politicians with their health using his practices. He also works with the NBA, NFL, and athletes in the Olympics.

Dedicated to Helping The Community

A former singer, Nora is organizing a community project with a focus on “giving a hand up, not a handout.” He is interested in the plight of those less fortunate - those who with a little help can rise from poverty to build their own lives and in turn help others to achieve.

With a career and a decent job, many will retrieve their pride, and Nora hopes to be a part of that phase of community-building, assisting those in need from all racial groups. He feels this will reduce tensions in families that affect the lives of countless young ones. And he feels this will lessen stress for neighbors in the community, regardless of background.

Contact information is on Nora’s website, and he loves hearing from those who are starting their own careers in business or as future recording artists and musicians.

Here's an interview I did with Dr. Tony Nora, check it out and become a believer of his movement!

I was randomly scrolling down my timeline on Facebook Tuesday when I caught a conversation Tony was having with someone, and I had to share with you.

You can contact him by visiting his website.

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