When I read in the Temple Daily Telegram that the Troy General Store was having a grand opening celebration, I thought I'd stop by my hometown and see how Main Street is doing.

Since leaving Troy in 2006, I've rarely gone back. Not that it's not a nice place to visit. I just pop in once in a while to see family and my best friend, neither of whom live near Downtown.

So much has changed there in 11 years, and yet, so much hasn't. The park has new, shiny playground equipment, but the old wooden gazebo where I spent so much time as a kid is gone, along with that rickety old bridge that arched over the creek. Main Street is looking more polished, but still has something of the rustic, small town feel it had when I left.

Other than the privacy fence on the west side, the General Store looks just the way I remember it. I hadn't been since attending a few Troy Metal Fests a decade ago. (Remember those?). It feels like a lifetime ago.

Anyway, my wistful rambling aside, I think it's fantastic that the Warrens are hosting live music there again. They're good folks, and I wish them the best of luck.

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