An arrest warrant has been issued after a couple from New Hampshire were found buried at a Padre Island beach and a man and woman were spotted driving the deceased couple's vehicle.

On Monday, the Kleberg County Sheriff's Office released the image above and asked for the public's help identifying the two subjects. The man was later ID'd as 33-year-old Adam Curtis Williams. His passenger was ID'd as 32-year-old Amanda Noverr. Both are reportedly from Utah.

The two were photographed by a security camera as a border crossing in South Texas. A felony warrant for felony theft has been issued for Williams.

Police say Williams and Noverr have been driving around in the deceased couple's silver 2018 Chevy 2500 with New Hampshire license plate 3738968. The truck was last seen towing a white Cedar Creak RV with NH license plate T533534.

On October 27, police found the bodies of Michelle and James Butler on Padre Island. The couple had been missing since October 14.

Police are investigating their deaths as a homicide. At a press release (embedded below), Kleberg County's district attorney declined to comment on the cause of death, saying it was too early in the investigation to release that information. He also declined to comment on his office's communications with Mexican authorities.

Police have not referred to Williams or Noverr as homicide suspects.


Kleberg County Sheriff's Office Release
Kleberg County Sheriff's Office Release
Kleberg County Wanted Poste


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