An Abilene woman is hoping to get in touch with a group of teens who saved her and her husband from a house fire last night.

Dora Whitely told KTAB-TV the teens busted down her door around 3:15 AM Tuesday and moved her and her husband to safety. The kids reportedly told her they were driving by when they noticed flames and rushed over to see if anyone needed help.

Being rescued by some anonymous guardian angels is one thing, but Whitely says she's been on oxygen since November and her tanks could have exploded due to the flames, endangering her rescuers.

“I would have never forgiven myself if those oxygen tanks would have burst and those children would have gotten hurt,” she told KTAB.

My mom is on oxygen, and I'm paranoid about her dragging her tank around in the Texas heat or even being close to our stove. (It's electric, but I still worry.) Whitely, her husband, and her rescuers are certainly lucky those tanks didn't blow.

Hopefully she can find out who those kids are and thank them. Not only did they spot danger, but they rushed headfirst into it to save the lives of strangers. If that's not heroism, I don't know what is.

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