Remember being a kid and hearing this stupid argument on the playground?

"My dad can beat up your dad!"

"Nuh-uh! My dad can beat up your dad!"

Well, this dad reportedly wanted to beat up both those kids.

KVUE-TV reports that 32-year-old Israel Machado and his 18-year-old stepson threatened to "beat up two students" at Webb Middle School in Austin Thursday, March 14. Fearing that they might make good on the threat, school officials moved the two students to a safe place and contacted police.

Sure enough, Machado and his stepson arrived and reportedly refused to leave, threatening officials who tried to talk some sense into them. The two allegedly barged into the school through a gym and began making threats. A teacher reported hearing Machado say he planned to "shoot up the school".


Machado was arrested and, according to jail records, booked into the Travis County Jail on a charge of making a terroristic threat. He remained in custody Monday afternoon in lieu of bonds totaling $30,000. He reportedly has a history with police, having been previously arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Obviously this behavior is unacceptable, but I have questions. Why were two grown men looking to beat up a pair of middle school students? Were those two bullying a younger family member? What made anyone think this was going to end with these two men receiving pats on the back for administering some street justice against kids not even old enough to have learner's permits?

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