Earlier this morning, Belton head football coach of three seasons, Bob Shipley, announced that this will be his final season before retiring as head coach. 

Tony Adams of the Belton Journal shared the news this morning in a Facebook post announcing the approaching retirement.

Adams spoke with Bob and recounts his accolades over the years in Texas. Coach Shipley took over as head coach in Belton in 2014 and since then has led the Tigers to a 19-16 record with a playoff berth each season. Under his tutelage the Tigers also won two bi-district championships.

Shipley told the Journal:

I have enjoyed my three years in Belton. It's been a great experience for Sharon and me. Belton will always be a special place to us. The kids here have been so much fun to coach. They have always risen to the challenges with uncommon valor, and I know they'll continue to do so in life.

Shipley continued on, sharing the credit for the Tigers' success.

I love these coaches. They are great men, who deserve the credit for any success we've had. They are the nuts and bolts of what we do every day. They don't get near enough credit for what they do. The run things every day. I just guided the ship.

Shipley has a long list of accomplishments under his belt. Before coming over to Belton, he was a football analyst in the player personnel department at UT-Austin. he also served as head coach at Brownwood, Coppell, Burnet and Rotan High Schools. According to Tony Adams' count, Shipley has an impressive 144-62 career record over the course of his 32-year career.

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