KHOU is reporting that as the sun rises over the flooded city of Houston, helicopters and flood punt teams are beginning the task of rescuing stranded residents. 

5 MH-65 helicopters have been deployed as residents have been told to head for their roofs to escape the rising waters and not to stay in the attic. Rainfall in the Houston area is expected to continue for several days. The video below shows the helicopters being used for this morning's rescues.

The coast guard has requested that HH-60 Jayhawk Helicopters be deployed from New Orleans in order to assist with evacuations.

The Coast Guard offers the following advice when confronted by flood waters:

  • Try to stay calm, do not panic.
  • Do not hide in the attic as rescuers can't see you.
  • Head for high ground if possible.
  • Mark the rooftop with towels or bed sheets to alert rescuers from the air.

This morning the Houston Patch is reporting 5 deaths in the city of Houston as a result of the flooding.

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