KWTX's Christy Soto reported that a house fire Saturday morning in the Central Texas area took a woman's life.

Lacy Lakeview Fire Department arrived on the scene of the house fire around 10:15 a.m.. The house fire took place in the 200 block of South Joyce Street in Lacy Lakeview.

Patty Faulkner, Fire Chief of the Lacy Lakeview Fire Department, confirmed that a 73-year-old woman died at the house due to the fire.

Sharon Farnworth, who was the victim's cousin said, "Her cousin suffered from diabetes and had bad vision."

Farnworth also added, "All we know is her husband left this morning to go to the grocery store and a fire started; and it seemed to have been in the front of the house but they found her toward the back of the house.”

Lacy Lakeview Fire Department and the Fire Marshal's office of the State are both futering their investigation into the house fire.

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