Less than 4 weeks since Seth Ator's shooting spree across Midland-Odessa that killed 7 people and injured 20, someone else seems to be on a shooting spree according to Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis. 

Griffis told CBS7 that two people were wounded by gunfire in 4 separate shootings that have taken place since Tuesday. Of the four shootings, two people have been injured and one has died. In two other cases, the shooter missed and only hit the vehicle.

Of note, Sheriff Griffis says in all cases, the shooter pulled up alongside a broken down car and then shot the driver. In each case, the shooter used a handgun. The identity of the shooter is not clear at the present time, but police do have the description of a white pickup truck nearby the scene of each shooting. They do not know the make or model yet.

Sheriff Griffis says the times and locations of the shootings are as follows in the Odessa area:

#1) Tuesday morning @ 12:45 a.m. at 8th and Grant

#2) Then at 7:36 a.m. @ I-20 and Highway 866

#3) That afternoon @ Meteor Crater Road and I-20 near the Pilot truck stop

#4) Last night on Business 20

You can watch part of the Sheriff's press conference in the video above. It starts at the 1:36 mark.

Sheriff Griffis says, Be vigilant, be aware of where you are. This guy could be targeting people that are in a vulnerable situation. We are actively pursuing this individual, there are multiple agencies involved, there have been different weapons used and all appear to be from a handgun, but of different calibers. All of these incidents have been 'roadside related'. We are asking the public to be “cautious” and if you see anything suspicious to call 911. WE WILL BRING HIM TO JUSTICE.

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