Thanks to COVID-19, KFC doesn't want us to lick our fingers anymore.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is (temporarily) parting ways with its famous "finger-lickin' good" slogan due to the health hazards of excessive hand to mouth contact associated with coronavirus. They're pulling that slogan from all their advertising in what has got to be one of the most absurd examples of "Political Correctness Gone Mad" I've seen so far. Really?? A few words on a billboard are going to lead people to cram their dirty, grubby, disease-ridden digits into their mouths?

I've seen a lot of almost comical "knee-jerk" reactions to words and how we use them lately but, this one just took the cake ... err, chicken. I get it, we need to be careful these days in many ways, including minimizing hand to mouth contact. If, however, your hands are not thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, why are you eating chicken with them in the first place? They're clean enough to hold your food barehanded and be brought right to your lips but, they are not clean enough to lick?

They're removing the slogan from their future advertising but, not from ads already in place, signage in their restaurants, or on their marquis. I'm not sure why that is. I guess they think that if you're already in the joint, it's too late. You're beyond hope and clearly want to infect yourself with COVID-19 but, lack the guts to just stick your dirty mitts directly into your mouth.

2020 boy ... the one year we will always be able to explain fully by just reciting the number and shaking our heads.

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