Time Magazine has updated the list of 10 Deadliest Shootings in Modern U.S History to include the tragedy in Las Vegas. 

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Two other shootings in the top ten happened here in Texas. The city of Killeen is part of the cover of TIME as we remember the victims of the tragedy at Luby's cafeteria. That awful day, October 16th, 1991, ranks at number 5 in the 10 Deadliest Shootings in U.S. History. The edition does not make mention of the Fort Hood Shootings of 2009.

Robert Riggs via youtube

The other event was the University of Texas tower shootings of 1966. 14 people died and the shooting injured dozens more. TIME lists the UT tower shooting as the 7th deadliest in the U.S.

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To see the entire Top Ten, check out the latest edition of TIME.