Everything is bigger and better in Texas.

I mean, Ford is the best in Texas I hear.

And now one University of Texas at Arlington student is the best at jumping on top of things, specifically boxes.

Brett Williams tells NBCDFW5 that it took him three of training to break the Guinness World Record for high stand jump.

When his initial high jump was 13 inches shy of the world record Brett started a vigorous training schedule that included a lot of heavy squats and box jumps "obviously".

Williams's jump of 5 feet 5 inches that he did back in September was just certified by Guinness.

He said a lot of folks don't believe him. "They think I'm lying until I pull up the certificate with my name and all that stuff on it." but that doesn't surprise him, because often he is one of the doubters. "I don't believe that I actually broke it. It hasn't set in yet that after three years I've finally reached this huge goal."

Willaims is involved in track and field for UTA and just wants to break some school records now.

That seems like he's settling a bit there, but hey I'll probably never break a world record. I wish they gave an award for sarcasm.


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