UPDATE: At 8:55 PM Tuesday, Fort Hood officials announced that a rescue crew found the missing vehicle, but not the driver. Search and rescue efforts were expected to continue overnight.


Fort Hood emergency crews are investigating a report of a vehicle having been swept into Clear Creek near Turkey Run Road by flood waters.

According to a media release, organized search teams with safety gear were searching the water's edge Tuesday morning, but their efforts were hampered by continued heavy rain and rushing water.

Emergency crews were able to rescue three people whose vehicles were caught in flood conditions late Monday night. One driver was taken to Coryell Memorial Hospital in Gatesville. Officials did not comment on that patient's condition.

Meanwhile the following Fort Hood roads and access points were closed Tuesday until further notice:

  • East Range Road
  • West Range Road
  • Access Control Point 5 (East Range Road) inbound and outbound
  • Access Control Point 4 (Warrior Way) inbound
  • Murphy Road
  • Turkey Run Road (Between Clear Creek Road and West Range Road)
  • The intersection of Tank Destroyer Blvd. and Muskogee Street
  • The intersection of Tank Destroyer Blvd. and Clark Road

Drivers across Central Texas should drive carefully and not risk trying to drive through any areas that appear to be flooded, even by mere inches. Looks can be deceiving, and your vehicle can easily be swept away or stall in a dangerous area.

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