A judge didn’t throw the book at one upstate New York mom as much as he threw the Facebook at her.

The woman, identified only as “Melody M.,” has been banned from posting anything about her children on any social networking site.

The woman called her 10-year-old son a dirty word on Facebook. We can't what the salty word is, so let's just say it rhymes with "mass coal." She told the court she did so because that's what “he is.”

Talking about your child in such a manner is already a head-scratcher, but it's even more puzzling in this case because the boy has emotional problems.

The court was also baffled by Melody’s actions:

Charitably stated, her testimony reflected a lack of insight as to the nature of her conduct toward her oldest child.”

As a result, Melody is barred from “posting any communications to or about her children on any social network site.”

Her lawyer does not agree with the decision, claiming the ruling means Melody cannot brag about her kids’ accomplishments, like many parents do online. The attorney said, “It is unfortunate that it prevents her from telling all of her friends that her son hit a game-winning home run in a baseball game or scored the winning goal or was on the honor roll.”

Sure, that may be true, but you can only wonder what she'd write if her son struck out with the bases loaded or brought home a report card full of Cs.

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