I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 3/12/13

By far, the most often-asked question on my radio show is: Why is the
Department of Homeland Security buying one point six billion rounds of
ammunition? Is Janet Napolitano planning an armed coup against President
Obama? Is she stockpiling ammo to use against us citizens who refuse to
give up our guns? I’ve thought it more likely that the government is trying to
buy it – so we can’t – and then put some kind of restrictions on future purchase. That is – if you can’t do gun control, do ammo control. One government source said that DHS simply wanted the discount that comes with buying a large amount of bullets. Really? At a time of sequester? OK. Nothing makes sense about this and Napolitano is kind of nutty -- so how about Rep. Darrell Issa gives her a phone call and invites her over to the House Committee on Homeland Security for a little chat. We need to ask some questions.

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