I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 3/11/13

The whole Sequester thing is hard to understand – but I did a little
research.  It seems we’re “cutting” discretionary spending by about 3
percent after we’ve added some new spending.  So if you made a salary
of $50-thousand dollars – three percent would cut you to $48-thousand,
five hundred.  You wouldn’t like it, but you wouldn’t have to adjust
your lifestyle much.  But if the cut came after you’d just gotten a
raise, you might be okay.  In then case of government, the “cuts” come
after a big raise – the government will spend more this year than last
– and so it will be so long as the sequester is in effect.  The
military will take the brunt, but even there, if we cut bunches of
services and employees – it’s because somebody is rubbing our noses in
it.  There is no way these tiny cuts could have this effect.  The
government wastes more than the sequester.  So is our government lying
to us?  Are their lips moving?

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