I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 3/14/13

At first glance, I think the Catholic Church did well in selecting
Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as the new Pope. In Pope Francis, the church seems to have it all: a modest man who relates to the poor having lived as one – and a man of the church who still believes in the traditional values of life and family. If the church opted against political correctness, it did give a nod to globalism. The new Pope is from Argentina – the first ever not from Europe – and he will relate to Hispanics, a major growth area for the Church. As the 266th Pope, Francis must keep the church relevant and he must address the church’s scandals. As a Vatican outsider, he may be able to do just that. And we pray that he will set an example for other churches that sometimes stray from the gospel they purport to advance. The big social issues of the day are crucial to the future of society. Pope Francis could set an amazing standard.

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