Drivers driving down Interstate 35 South near 5th street in Waco,were definitely in for a surprise early Friday morning. KWTX's Rhyan Henson reported that all southbound lanes of Interstate 35 were shut down due to a wreck involving an 18 wheeler.

The wreck occurred around 5:00 a.m. when the 18 wheeler and a car heading northbound  on Interstate 35 collided with one another. The collision happened right before the 4th and 5th street exits on Interstate 35 before Baylor University.

The collision of the vehicles led to the 18 wheeler going over the median, and turning over into the southbound lanes. Waco Police Department is unaware of how the crash took place, but the authorities were able to report on the people involved in the accident.

The passengers in the car were unharmed, and the driver of the 18 wheeler was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. People at the scene thought the 18 wheeler may have caught on fire, but authorities clarified it was just being grass kicked up from the collision of the vehicles. Southbound traffic was converted on the feeder road due to the wreck that had occurred.

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