Yikes, the number of registered voters in Texas that hit the polls dropped from 53% in 2018 to 12% this year.

To make it extra sad, 12% is a much higher number than the last couple of odd-numbered years. 2017 saw a measly 6%, in 2015 even with the biggest city, Houston, having a Mayoral election only saw 11% voting. All according to statistics from The Texas Tribune.

Really goes to show how little attention is paid to anything that doesn't involve a president, senator, of governor.

2016 only saw 6 percent more voters (59%) than last year's highly publicized senate race.

Last year when folks would ask me (a question I hate, by the way) who I voted for, I would tell them I did a write-in. Their brains exploded "If you didn't vote for Cruz or Beto you didn't vote!". I never said I wrote in a senator candidate and I never cared enough to correct them.

Anyway, hit the polls people. Even-numbered years are still far too low a turn out. But in the same breath make sure you know what you are voting for, I hate straight-ticket voting. I'm not terribly smart and if I don't know a lot about something I try to learn or simply don't vote.

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