I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 3/1/13

There’s a mini-controversy in Washington about whether Bob Woodward of the Washington Post was really threatened by Obama aide Gene Sperling. The email was mild – but it clearly showed the administration’s displeasure with Woodward’s reporting on the Sequester. It is true that powerful officials do not like to be challenged by media. When I was at KRLD in Dallas, a hospital administrator called the manager to complain about a story I’d done. When I was at KVET in Austin, a former lieutenant governor called to quash one of my commentaries. On my daily talk show, I get regular complaints, often from county officials, who don’t like to be questioned – and even from Tea Party organizations. Sometimes, a reporter or commentator, myself included, crosses a line or is simply wrong. But in a free society it’s important to question authority.
We should get the facts right – but our job is to report.

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