I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 3/6/13

The dictator of Venezuela who once called President Bush “the Devil”
has died at 58. Hugo Chavez succumbed to cancer -- the one thing he
couldn’t control. What DID do was spread the wealth – buying the
loyalty of the poor in his country. And he nationalized a lot of
institutions – if he didn’t like the way they were operating. In
speeches, he could drone on forever – but his followers saw him as a
great orator. He detested media that spoke out against his policies –
and would take over or close down television stations that he didn’t
like. Of course, his policies did not work well – and led to rampant
inflation. If you’re seeing parallels with some other country, which
shall remain unnamed – you’re right. There are some basic
similarities. So will things get better in Venezuela now? Not
likely. Chavez hand-picked his likely successor, Vice President
Maduro, who may be just like him.
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